Warehouse Management System

A state-of-the-art warehouse management system (WMS) is integral to the success of our business. At its most basic level, a WMS is software that allows warehouses to manage inventory from the time it enters the warehouse until it moves out. Activities include inventory management, pick/pack/ship functionality, reporting and audits.

Our WMS Capabilities:

  • Pallet In/Pallet Out, Retail/eCommerce Fulfillment, Bulk Commodities, Hazmat
  • EDI: X12, XML, Flat file Imports (text, CSV, etc.), EDI Mapping, Compliance Labeling
  • Wireless Scanning and Barcode Label Printing
  • Web-based Client Portal for order management and inventory visibility
  • Integration with 3rd-Party ERP Systems, TMS, Online Shopping Carts, Shipping Carriers (UPS, FedEx etc.)
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Fully configurable to individual customers' needs


We have partnered with Camelot 3PL Software and use the Camelot Excalibur WMS, which is a fully integrated solution that lets us customize our workflow and parameters for each client for maximum efficiency. Whether Pallet In/Pallet Out, Retail/eCommerce Fulfillment, Bulk Commodities, Cold Storage, Hazmat or anything in between we have the technology to service our customers at the highest level.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a requirement for many 3PL Warehouses. EDI helps businesses bridge the data gap between various trading partners in the supply chain to communicate product and shipment information accurately and quickly. We provide full, turn-key EDI services including EDI mapping, support for major protocols (X12, XML, text/tab-delaminated) and direct communications.

Integration is another success factor in our business. Our WMS provides connections to all the major online shopping carts, as well as shipping carriers, accounting systems and other ERP systems. Because the WMS is managing data from all aspects of the business, we are able to build actionable dashboards to monitor KPIs, which provide valuable operational insights.

Because real-time visibility is a requirement in today's fast moving supply chains, we provide a web-based Client Portal for order management and inventory visibility. Clients have complete access to every piece of their inventory, where it is and at what stage is may be in the order process.