Fast, Safe, & Effective Logistics Solutions

At Dothan Warehouse, our complete logistics solutions are what set us apart from other warehouses. From Cross Docking and Distribution, to Reverse Logistics and Import/Export Expertise - We have the Experience and Resources to make your logistics operations a success.

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Cross docking improves transportation services by unloading products and preparing products for shipping and order fulfillment. At Dothan Warehouse we offer our customers this convenient service to manage your distribution and help your logistics run more efficiently. This system eliminates the storage aspect of the distribution and logistics process. Cross docking can be a more efficient approach that provides shorter delivery times.

Help with Load Shifts and Overweight Trucks

If you are on the road and your trailer is loaded improperly or if your load has shifted or altered, Dothan Warehouse can help get you back on the road in time for your appointment. We can assist you with cross docking, re-stacking, shrink-wrapping, or temporary storage. After hours help is also available with an appointment.

Located in Alabama

Dothan Warehouse is located in the southeastern corner of Alabama, about 5 minutes off of US Highway 231 and 40 minutes off of Interstate 10. Whether you require routine or one-time cross docking service, we are here to help. Use the contact form below or contact us at (334) 793-6003.

Dothan Warehouse, located in Dothan, Alabama, is dedicated to meeting the strict delivery compliance that retailers and your customers require. Many manufacturers face the challenge of managing mass retailer logistics and complying with the strict requirements. Dothan Warehouse strives to make this process as seamless as possible.

We make it easy for you and your company by absorbing the risk of facilities, equipment, personnel, technology and process. Our staff is here to assist you with your needs, whether you work with mass retailers or independent retailers.

Sometimes products will be returned if the item is defective or if the customer simply changed their minds. Dothan Warehouse provides reverse logistics services for those times. When your returned items are received at our warehouse, we are able to repackage and restock items on site. If a product is defective or damaged, Dothan Warehouse staff will make sure it is returned to your company for proper handling and disposal.

Let Dothan Warehouse help you ease the burden and keep your supply chain moving efficiently by handling your reverse logistics.

Dothan, Alabama is the prime location for your 3PL needs. We offer a location that is closer to inland manufacturers.

Any physical good that enters or leaves the United States requires logistics planning and management and must encounter United States Customs. As a 3PL provider, Dothan Warehouse can manage your transportation, warehousing, and distribution needs. We provide you with timely service that your company needs to streamline this extensive process and keep you within your budget.

We provide the following services for your imported and exported goods:

  • Contract and Commercial Warehousing
  • Delivery and Distribution
  • Freight/Logistics
  • Inventory Control
  • Packaging
  • Palletizing
  • Pick and Pack
  • Raw Material Storage
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Storage Consolidation

Dothan Warehouse's unique location has proven to be a strategic advantage for our customers. Our full rail services are ideal for companies moving a large amount of freight into or out of the southeastern United States. Dothan Warehouse, located in Dothan, Alabama, offers customized distribution strategies based on your specific business needs. We offer safe and efficient procedures, storage and timely inventory control as well as scheduling and shipment coordination.

Transloading Shipments from truck to rail

Dothan Warehouse can move your shipment from trucks to rail for shipping. This is ideal for companies who need to ship a large volume of freight over a long distance but who do not have on-site rail service.

Transloading shipments from rail to truck

We are also capable of moving your freight from rail to trucks for regional delivery or storage. Our capabilities are such that we can simultaneously transload two boxcars at once.

Freight storage before and after rail shipment

Dothan Warehouse can assist you by providing a temporary home for freight being moved into or out of our area. In addition, we also offer long-term storage.